Do you want to know more about Automatic aligners for production lines?

Dibal automatic aligner arranges and aligns products to facilitate their entry into production lines.


To arrange the entry of several products at a time in order to get them aligned.

Main characteristics

  • 1 infeed conveyor with split belt and 1 exit conveyor.
  • Guides included.
  • For products of up to 10 kg.
  • Options: 1x1 to 1, 2x1 to 1, 2x2 to 1, 3x1 to 1, 3x2 to 1, 4x1 to 1, 6x1 to 1, etc.
  • Dimensions: conveyor height H800-H950 mm. The width and length will depend on the product.
  • Performance*: 40 packages /minute (in 3x2 to 1 aligner. For other models, contact us).

* Maximum performance will depend on the size, weight and morphology of the product, as well as on the regularity of the infeed of the products.


  • Structure:
    • AISI 304 stainless steel and anodised aluminium.

Power supply & compressed air

  • Electrical: 230 V & 50 Hz; 115 V & 60 Hz.
  • Air: max. 150 l/min (at 5-8 bar).

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