Dibal metal detectors meet the requirements of IFS/BRC food safety standards

Nowadays more and more companies in the food industry are working under the criterio of the IFS/BRC standards to guarantee the safety of their products and processes. That is why at Dibal we have developed a kit for all our conveyor belt metal detectors; so that clients who work under the criteria of these standards can use our equipment without risks.

Dibal metal detectors meet the requirements of  IFS/BRC food safety standards

This optional kit for Dibal’s MD-5500 and MD-5700 metal detectors ensures that our equipment meet the requirements established in both standards: If any error happens during the inspection and contaminated products treatment process, the IFS/BRC kit’s elements will identify and indicate them and stop the process until they are corrected.

An extension of the transport system to place the reject system and the container.

The kit includes:

  1. An extension of the transport system.
  2. A product detector at the equipment entrance.
  3. Different rejection systems.
  4. Air pressure sensor (pressure switch) in the pneumatic circuit.
  5. Different reject containers for non-conforming products, locked and with an inspection window.
  6. Optical sensors on the reject container.
  7. Methacrylate tunnel from the detector’s arc to the end of the equipment.
  8. Light and sound alarm.

Easy messages on screen when errors are detected:

  • When the product’s entrance detector does not work properly: Product jam or check light barrier.
  • When the pressure switch detects an inadequate pressure for the correct operation of the rejector: Preassure control.
  • When the rejected product does not fit correctly into the reject container: Rejection unit: reject failure.
  • When the reject container is full: Separation unit: collector container full.
IFS/BRC kit for Dibal metal detectors