We were looking for something completely different when we developed the ALL_CONNECTED solution

  • The system connects the hardware part of the point of sale (scales, screens, ticket dispensers...) to offer the consumer a better shopping experience and provide valuable data in order to optimise all selling operations.
  • ´The clients who have tried this solution are highly satisfied, and some are already installing it in several of their stores´.
´We were looking for something completely different when we developed the ALL_CONNECTED solution´

One of DIBAL´s cornerstones of success lies in constantly wanting to help and learn from its clients´ uses and new needs (retail stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets), as well as from their customers´ uses and needs, i.e. end consumers. The result of this rigorous examination is ALL_CONNECTED, a solution that connects all the devices installed at the point of sale (scales, screens, ticket dispensers...) with the double objective of 1) providing consumers with a better shopping experience and 2) providing stores with valuable information and data (waiting times at the different sections; number of customers who obtained a ticket, left and were not served, etc.) in order to optimise all operations. 

By connecting everything, queue and advertising management is simplified, among other advantages. Some examples: professionals manage turn tickets for their sections (fishmonger, butcher´s, delicatessen) from the scales; consumers can print their tickets using different devices installed around the store; and they can also check and calculate when their turn will come up through the different screens enabled for this purpose (with average waiting times) while they continue shopping; those screens will also display content of interest such as promotions, offers... See how ALL_CONNECTED works in this video.

In short, a ´totally different solution´, as Iratxe Berriozabal, Marketing Manager at DIBAL, states.

Different, but also ´flexible´, she is quick to point out, as although the initial cost may seem somewhat high (it must be taken into account that many of DIBAL´s clients have a large number of stores), ´it is also possible to use elements already installed in the establishment, without having to invest in each and every one of the hardware devices´. ´The clients who have tried this solution are highly satisfied, and some are already installing it in several other of their stores,´ highlights Berriozabal.


QUESTION. What encouraged DIBAL to develop a system like ALL_CONNECTED?

ANSWER. This project was born from observing how food salesrooms are changing, and from understanding the new needs that arise. Nowadays there are more and more elements the shopper can use to communicate and interact with that enriches their shopping experience. However, the different devices work independently, and the suppliers for each of them are also different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the entire system. We try to simplify things for our client, giving them a unique, integrated and easy to use solution.


Q. How was ALL_CONNECTED conceived and what inspired its development?

A. We started with a project that looked to adapt the concept of the interactive kiosk, which was becoming increasingly more common in different types of stores and services. But then we considered giving the standard self-service scale another twist, and offer a solution that differentiates it from what was known on the market until now. Something completely different: a kiosk with a weighing scale for different self-service sections where the screen is divided into different parts and offers various information, but also a kiosk that can be used to weigh and label fruits and vegetables, for example.

The initial idea came from the interactive kiosks, but as the project progressed, the possibility to offer a more comprehensive experience came up. To do so, we just needed to integrate different solutions we had already developed independently, but always with the scale as a central element: managing advertising and information on information screens, as well as turns in different sections of the store, processing online orders and subsequently delivering them to the different sections, and so on.


Q. Its development is therefore linked to the different uses and needs detected in users, as well as to the need to offer new shopping experiences.

A. Without a doubt: this new concept is closely related to the different uses and needs detected in users, and the need to offer new differentiating experiences in physical stores; however, it should be highlighted that it is also related to the need of stores to have simple data and information that allows them to make the best decisions quickly and accurately.


Q. How long have you been marketing it? 

A. The system was first installed in the Spanish market last year, in 2019, in several supply chains. However, it was not until this year, at the Euroshop trade fair last February in Düsseldorf, that we officially launched this new concept worldwide.


Q. How do you think DIBAL´s clients will react to ALL_CONNECTED?

A. What we have observed is that they are gradually becoming more interested and enthusiastic about this type of innovative solution. The good thing is that it is also a flexible solution, so it can adapt to the salesroom´s characteristics, from a hypermarket to a supermarket to a smaller store. We can fully install it from scratch or attach the solution to a scale and/or display system that the client already has in store.

To give you an example, we have implemented ALL_CONNECTED as a system for communicating with our team and visitors at our headquarters in Derio.


Q. What is the feedback you are receiving from clients who already use ALL_CONNECTED?

A. They are very satisfied, and in some cases are already installing the system in several other of their stores. This type of clients has perfectly understood the differentiating image this solution brings to their salesrooms, such as its easy operation and the option to handle management data in a way that simplifies and improves some of their processes, like content management and coordination across different information screens, both in the scales and in other areas of the store.


Q. From your experience so far, what could stop potential clients from implementing the ALL_CONNECTED solution in their stores? What is DIBAL doing to help them overcome these barriers?

A. On the one hand, we get the initial investment may seem high; but as I said, it is a flexible solution that allows the client to use some elements they have already installed, without having to invest in each and every one of the hardware devices. On the other hand, its installation. But this is no issue at all: DIBAL technicians always go to the store and participate in the installation and commissioning process of this type of technological solutions to ensure it is working properly, and to avoid possible feelings of frustration. 


Would you like to receive more information about our ALL_CONNECTED system? Call us (+34 944 581 583) or click on the link and leave us a message. We will contact you within 48 hours.

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