automatic checkweigher with a single conveyor of special dimensions

The 4500 range of automatic checkweighers keeps growing: We present one of the last automatic checkweighers we have manufactured for an important company in the meat industry.

Dibal’s 4500 Range industrial equipment is known for its great versatility and adaptability to the different requirements and needs of our customers.

In this case, we designed and manufactured an automatic checkweigher with a single conveyor of special dimensions to be integrated into the production line of a company in the meat industry in Spain.

The equipment guarantees the quality and homogeneity of the packaged products: In case of detecting a product under or over the programmed target weight, the equipment stops until the defective package is removed from the line.

In addition, the system is designed for plants that require intensive cleaning: it has a drum motor with IP69K protection and its hygienic weight belt is easy to assemble and disassemble.

In the video (˂1 minute) we show you the equipment working.

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