Do you want to know more about DIS software for indicators?

With the new DIS software, specific for industrial environments, the configuration and management of Dibal VD-3000 indicators is faster and easier from any PC.


  • Customize and easily visualize a general outline of connected equipment (by production plants, manufacturing areas, production lines ...).
  • Know in real time the status of communications with the equipment.
  • Manage the online sending and receiving of data between the equipment and the PC.
  • Automatically send notices to established email addresses.
  • Schedule specific tasks for different machines.
  • Configure the parameters of the equipment, with the possibility of memorizing configurations applicable later to any equipment.
  • Define the management data (articles, customers, orders, bar codes and VAT rates), being able to select, sort, delete and filter the parameters to display in the listings.
  • Create fully configurable reports.

Operating systems

  • Windows 10.
  • Windows 8.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows XP Professional.

Compatible equipment

  • Dibal VD-3000 Series indicators.


Ref.: 7340E1W3
  • Characteristics: Communication with 1 centre.
  • Mode: Download web with licence. 


Ref.: 7340ENW3
  • Characteristics: Communication with an unlimited number of centres, and 50 equipment (simultaneously).
  • Mode: Download web with licence.


     * For more than de 50 equipment, contact us.