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Dibal MI single load cell wall platform is ideal for meat industry and warehouses with little room, due to its stainless steel compact structure. Its design allows weighing tasks on the hook or on the folding plate.

Wall platforms Dibal MI Series

Data in mm

A 550
B 550
C 1,080
D 1,300

Main characteristics

  • On wall weighing scale.
  • Weighing on the hook or folding plate.
  • 1 load cell.
  • Valid for legal metrology (see section on equipment metrological verification).


  • Structure: 
    • AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel load cell (IP68).
  • Plate:
    • Stainless steel.

Possible integration with other equipment

  • Dibal weight indicators.
  • Cely weight indicators.
  • Dibal LP-3000 manual weigh-price labellers.

Capacity 150 kg

Ref.: 71IMUI0903_ _ _
3,000 divisions.

Capacity 300 kg

Ref.: 71IMUI0904_ _ _
3,000 divisions.
Option Characteristics Ref.
Metrological verification (M)

According to EU weighing directives for indicator + platform assemblies.

(See section on equipment metrological verification).

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