Dibal presents in EMPACK Madrid 2014 its weighing and labelling solutions

During November the 5th and 6th, Dibal has been attending EMPACK Madrid, the trade fair specialized on packaging and process solutions.

Dibal presents in EMPACK Madrid 2014 its weighing and labelling solutions

At its booth (C22-D19), DIBAL has presented an innovative automatic weigh-price-labeller with double label application, top and underlabelling, and artificial vision camera system for the identification of labels, which has attracted the interest of many visitors of the show.

A combined equipment of automatic weigh-price-labeller, integrated with a metal detector and rejector for non-conforming products has been also shown on this event.

Special mention for VT-800 indicator. It is a weight indicator- Industrial PC with 15" touch screen and Windows O.S., which allows running all types of software applications and ERPs, integrated with the weighing system incorporated in the indicator. Its sturdy construction and stainless steel housing, with protection range equivalent to IP65, makes it ideal for industrial environments, although the fields of use of VT-800 PC indicators are numerous: integration with labelling equipment, input / output of goods, stock management, control of intermediate processes,… This indicator is used for the management of waste in several establishments in the Louvre Museum (Paris), thanks to a specific software developed by DIBAL.

Another novelty shown in this edition of EMPACK is the new range of DMI-610 weight indicators, available in ABS and stainless steel housings, representing a great advantage over the possibilities of previous VD-300 Series models.

Among the solutions for food retailers, we must underline two options of retail scales with touch screen and advertising display:

On the one hand, new PC scales, CS-1100 W, with Windows Operating System, 15" touch screen and 7"or 15" advertising TFT. They have a lighter and more modern style than previous models and a new software version, more user friendly and powerful.

On the other hand, D-900 Series retail scales, which combine the advantages of a touch screen with the simplicity and economy of traditional electronics (non PC).

From DIBAL we would like to thank all our visitors your interest in the developments we have presented in this edition of EMPACK.