Dibal retail scales with WEB SERVER integrated

Optional web server embedded in Dibal 500 Range scales allows connection with the scales from any mobile device or PC with web browser (tablets, smartphones,...).

Dibal retail scales with WEB SERVER integrated

An effective tool for REMOTE MAINTENANCE...

Often, incident calls received in the technical assistance services have their origin in an inadequate setting of the scales network or in the machines themselves. DIBAL WEB SERVER (DWS) application offers a remote assistance solution, avoiding unnecessary trips.

Constant business INFORMATION and CONTROL...

Thanks to DIBAL WEB SERVER, the owner or manager of the store can know at any time and wherever they are, valuable information on the progress of their business: lists of articles and prices, as well as total and detailed sales reports (by vendor, direct key, code or time slots). In addition to access the data, DWS allows to modify product prices on-line, register or cancel sellers, remove or edit articles and change advertising texts in the display of the scale.

Absolute SECURITY...

DIBAL WEB SERVER is divided into 3 sections and each one has its own configurable password: technical data, data stored in the scale (articles, vendors, ...) and sales information. In addition, user can program a key of "root", with full access.

Depending on the type of data, they can be consult and/or modified on-line, making the DWS a very useful tool for both the owner/manager of the business, and the Technical Assistance Service. Web Server is integrated in the scale, so there is no need to install any application on your PC or mobile device, nor is any information recorded on them.