Linerless labels: Savings and respect for the environment

Linerless labels, without back paper, provide great advantages over traditional labels: represent cost savings for the user and less wasted materials.

Linerless labels: Savings and respect for the environment

We would like to present the benefits of using rolls of linerless labels in Dibal scales:

1. Reduced cost thanks to the best use of paper:

Linerless labels reduce paper consumption as they adjust their size to the required printing space.
With this system you can adapt better to the labelling requirements of the product or container, offering all the necessary information in a more efficient way.
Moreover, linerless labels can be used as bag closures (eliminating the use of staples and adhesive tapes).

2. Less waste – more environmentally friendly:

Linerless labels reduce waste as they have no back paper.
Thus, the CO2 carbon footprint is reduced, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Examples of cost reduction thanks to the best use of paper:

- No blank spaces on labels.
Consequence: increases the number of labels per roll (45% more).

- All the information is printed on one single label.
Consequence: multi-measure labels are printed within the same roll, which greatly reduces transport, storage and stock costs.

Thanks to the versatility of Dibal CS-1100 Series, D-900 Series and 500 Range* scales, you can use pre-cut label rolls or linerless label rolls, whichever you prefer.

* Check availability depending on the model.