New Dibal Industrial Software

Dibal industrial equipment set up and management software.

New Dibal Industrial Software

DIS Windows application, specially developed for Dibal industrial range, allows to set up equipment, collect weighing data during operation, “start and end of the day” processes, and fast generation of reports with intuitive tables and graphics.


1. Versatile, visual, and easy to use tool. User friendly design and operation.

2. Quick visualization of all connected equipment. 2 possible views:
- Tree diagram.
- Tabs.

3. Real time control of the status of communications with the equipment through visual signals (green=connected/red=disconnected) to diagnose and prevent breakdowns in the installations.

4. Fast PC-equipment communications. Simultaneous communication with all connected equipment (multithreading).

5. Easy configurations. Configuration parameters can be saved in templates to be used in other equipment, avoiding errors.

6. Label designer. Direct access to Dibal DLD label designer (additional license required).

7. Repetitive tasks management through “Scheduling task” function for its periodical activation.

8. Reporting. Configurable reports in tables and graphs that can be exported to different formats (PDF, excel, rtf, txt, etc.), and sent by email.

9. Time and cost-savings with remote maintenance. Equipment parameters can be adjusted in a secure and real time system, with no need of on-site assistance.

10. Notifications. The sending of emails with notices about the status of one or several actions can be configured.


Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about the new DIS, or to move from RMS/DCS to DIS.