The scales that help you sell more

Dibal Star Colour Series retail scales are much more than a necessary tool for selling weighed products; thanks to the colour displays and advertising management system integrated in the scales, they are a tool that helps to encourage purchases and increase business profits.

The scales that help you sell more

Colour displays 

The scales are equipped with two 7" TFT colour screens, both on vendor´s and buyer´s side. The colour displays count with high visibility and excellent photographic reproduction.

During sales operations, both screens show article picture, as well as name, weight, price, amount and tare (if necessary). When the scale is not operating, displays show a sequence of advertising images (ads, offers, promotions, etc) that can be designed by the user by means of DIBAL CDA application for Windows, which is very simple to use and has a templates system for easy creation of advertising.

The selection of advertising images and the order and displaying time can be stablished directly at the scale in a very visual way, thanks to the display of thumbnails of all images recorded in memory.

Other characteristics

Dibal Star Colour Series retail scales offer the top features: up to 10.000 articles, 20 vendors, article and sales reports, stocks management, interconnection up to 16 scales and Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Homeplug communications.

They are provided with USB port, allowing to connect an external memory device, for load/download data and configurations of the scale, dump sales data, back-ups and import advertising images and article pictures.

Easy programming and operation: intuitive menus, special keys for direct access to main functions, "macros" (recording of a sequence of keys assigned to a single key), etc


Printers and cassette system 

Depending on model, the scales can be supplied with receipt printer, label printer or both.

Label printers (suitable also for receipts) include a cassette system for immediate change of paper roll. Replacing a cassette requires no more than 10 seconds.



Star Colour Series retail scales are available in double body, pole or stainless steel hanging format.