Do you want to know more about Smart Q scale model kiosks?

High performance PC based scale kiosks, with colour TFT touch screen and receipt printer. A complete solution for your business with all the features of a PC and very intuitive use.

Smart Q scale model kiosks Dibal

Data in mm

A 414
B 1,826.5
C 405
D 778.5

Plate dimensions: L300 x W270 mm.
Weight with packaging: 90.0 kg.

Main characteristics

  • High performance PC based scale with 1 colour TFT touch screen.
  • Self-service kiosk format.
  • Model with 2" label printer.
  • Large and configurable TFT projected capacitive screen.
  • Compact, attractive and customizable design (brand, colour and textures).
  • Non-stick surface and easy to clean.
  • Freedom of location at any point in the store.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Compliance with EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.


  • Open to run third parties applications.
  • Available functions with SL-CS software pre-installed:
    • Wide range of articles database and food images (meat/butcher, fruits/vegetables, fish/shellfish, frozen food, drinks, etc.).
    • Modern, simple and intuitive operating screens that facilitate the use and improve the experience of the user.
    • Unlimited article keys (in consecutive screens).
    • All the keys can include texts, icons, pictures, etc.
    • Possibility of automatic ordering of the keys by different criteria: code, name, etc.
    • Printing of labels with Linux fonts.
    • Pre-defined formats of labels.
    • Generation of lists for total sales or broken down (by article, client, period...) with three output options: on screen, via kiosk printer or via an external printer.
    • Option to record normal price and offer price for each article.
    • Export to CSV.
    • Data migration.
    • Backup.
    • Language selectable by the user.

Capacity / Accuracy

  • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 6 kg / 2 g - 15 kg / 5 g.
  • Optional:
    • Mono-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g or 30 kg / 10 g.
    • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g - 30 kg / 10 g.
    • Mono-range (6,000 divisions): 12 kg / 2 g or 30 kg / 5 g.

Available formats

  • Self-service kiosk.


  • Steel structure with high quality epoxy paint (others colours, textures and customizations, consult).
  • Great resistance polypropylene plastic plate, suitable for food.
  • Access to interior of the kiosk under lock and key.
  • Access to all non-metrological components without the need to unsealing the kiosk.


  • 23.8” TFT projected capacitive touch screen (527.04 x 296.46 mm) (16:9).
    • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.


  • From W30 x L30 mm to W60 x L190 mm.
  • Unlimited programmable formats.
  • Unlimited logos.
  • Linux fonts.
  • Bar codes: EAN-13, CODE-128 and QR.
  • Unlimited information fields.
  • Unlimited programmable texts.
  • Unlimited headings per label.
  • Manual and automatic pre-packing modes.
  • Printing of “n” identical labels.
  • Printing with 90º, 180º and 270º rotation.
  • Packaging date, expiry date and extra date (for any application).
  • Alphanumeric batch number.
  • Unlimited types of generic traceability (for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.) and unlimited products. Included in the prevailing European legislation on bovine traceability.

Food information

Compliance with EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers as of 13 December 2016:

  • Minimum letter size: 1.2 mm.
  • Linux fonts.
  • Effects: boldunderlined, or any effect of a Linux font for each character in the text.
  • Possibility of using the general text “G” for ingredients to highlight allergens with those effects and fonts.
  • Possibility of printing 2 labels for each operation: programmable by PLU, configurable information, 2nd automatic or manual label (can also be used as promotional labels).


  • Processor: Intel Celeron Brasswell.
  • Memory: 4 GB.
  • Hard disk: 128 GB SSD.
    • Optional: RAM upgrade to 8 GB (can be modified without notice).


  • 4 USB (3.0).
  • 1 RS-232.
  • 1 Ethernet.
  • 1 Display Port (additional screen).
  • 1 audio (microphone).
  • 1 line-out (speakers).
  • Optional:
    • Wi-Fi.


  • Programmable access levels through user profiles.

Connectivity with other devices

  • PC.
  • Dibal CS Linux series scales.
  • Turnomatic.
  • Other peripherals: keyboard, mouse, etc.


  • SL-1100 for Linux: touch application for sales and weighing management.
  • Integration tools: in Linux to facilitate communication with the Back-Office.

Power supply

  • Mains: 110 up to 230 VAC.

Energy consumption

  • 37-86 W (depending on the conditions of use).

Smart Q scale

Ref.: 7Y15IQA0NE_ _

With Dibal Software

Front display: 23.8" touch screen TFT projected capacitive.
Printer: 2" Labels.
Operating system: Linux.
Sales software: Dibal SL-CS.
Power: Mains.
Capacity / Accuracy: 6 kg / 2 g - 15 kg / 5 g.

Option Characteristics Ref.
Capacity 15 kg / 5 g

Mono-range (3,000 divisions).

...N_ _(*)
Capacity 30 kg / 10 g

Mono-range (3,000 divisions).

...Y_ _(*)
Capacity 15 kg / 5 g - 30 kg / 10 g

Multi-range (3,000 divisions).

...F_ _(*)
Capacity 12 kg / 2 g

Mono-range (3,000 divisions).

...V_ _(*)
Capacity 30 kg / 5 g

Mono-range (3,000 divisions).

...P_ _(*)

Wireless communications.

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RAM upgrade to 8 GB

Memory upgrade from 4 GB to 8 GB.

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SL-CS PC software

Touch application for sales and weighing management.

Customization of the kiosk

Others colours, textures or brand application.

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Metrological verification

According to EU weighing directives.

(See section on equipment metrological verification)

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The kiosk references with this capacity are obtained by replacing the last characters of the reference for the standard kiosk with the indicated ending.


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