Do you want to know more about CS software for Smart Q scale kiosk?

The CS SERIES software is an effective tool, which communicates with Smart Q kiosks with weighing, for the complete management of your business; it is also an emulator for the application of Smart Q kiosks with weighing.


  • Generating of articles database (fruits, vegetables, etc.) with pictures.  
  • Management of: 
    • traceability.
    • ingredients.
  • Easy to use: Searching  and selection of articles are simple and intuitive.
  • Possibility of organizing articles.
  • Lists and graphics with data processed by the Smart Q scale kiosk.
  • Application of price lists associated to each store or client.

Operating system

  • Linux.


Ref.: 7340SL1100
  • Characteristics: Communication with a Smart Q scale kiosk.
  • Mode: CD-ROM.

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