Do you want to know more about DLD Software for LP-500 Series labellers?

Dibal DLD software application is a graphic label editor with actual position of fields and preview of the label with real data. It also manages the online sending of label designs to Dibal retail scales.


  • Graphic label editor with actual position of fields.
  • Preview of the label with real data (except barcodes) .
  • Saving of data in PC for subsequent use.
  • Online sending of logos and label designs to the scales.

Operating system

  • Windows.

DLD +  Basic RMS

Ref.: 7340L0U1
  • Characteristics: Communication in local mode.
  • Mode: Hardware key for USB port.

DLD +  RMS-1

Ref.: 7340L1U1
  • Characteristics: Communication with 1 store. 
  • Mode: Hardware key for USB port.


Ref.: 7340LNU1
  • Characteristics: Communication with several stores. 
  • Mode: Hardware key for USB port.