Do you want to know more about Multimanagement weight indicators VD-3000 Series?

  • Graphic LCD display
  • Connectable to platforms max. 4 load cells
  • 8000 plus memory
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi optional

Dibal VD-3000 are high-performance multimanagement weight indicators. They can be integrated with the company’s production software for advanced weighing based control tasks.

Multimanagement weight indicators Dibal VD-3000 Series

Data in mm

A 342
B 375
C 124

Outstanding functions

  • Product input/Output:
    • Product identification (PLU).
    • Quantity (weight/units).
    • Batch.
    • Tare.
    • Traceability.
  • Product families: up to 100 PLUs of the same product but with different weights.
  • Piece counting.
  • Programming of up to 100 orders from 1,000 clients and/or suppliers.
  • Inventory (input/Output).
  • Checkweighing (discriminating).
  • Signals sending to external equipment (end of task, error...), thanks to 24V relay output.


  • Connection to platform/s with up to a maximum of 4 load cells in total.
  • Connection to 2nd platform via a Dibal DMI-610 or DMI-620 indicator.
  • Optional: connection up to 4 platforms.
  • Up to 6,000 divisions. Monorange or multirange.


  • Structure:
    • AISI 340 stainless steel.
    • IP54 protection equivalent.
  • Keypad and display:
    • “Qwerty” keypad and backlit graphic LCD display.
  • Adjustable angle mount for table or wall included.

Communication to PC

  • Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • RS-232. 

PC software

  • RMS: For equipment configuration, production data management and back up (LBS).
  • DCS: For production data management.
  • integration tools: See section on software.

Power supply

  • 230 V and 50 Hz; 115 V and 60 Hz.

Possible integration with other equipment

  • Dibal LP-3000 manual weigh-price labeller.
  • Dibal DMI-600 Series weight indicators.
  • Serie protocol printers.

Other possible connections

  • Connectable to control devices, by using the “Control input/Output (i/O)” option.


Ref.: 7V3B1AI1_ _
  • Advanced static weight indicator, connectable to weighing platform/s, up to a maximum of 4 cells.
Option Characteristics Ref.
Connection to 2nd weighing platform Contact us
Connection to 3rd weighing platform Contact us
Connection to 4th weighing platform Contact us
Control input/Output (i/O)

For connection to external devices. 

Contact us

Wireless communications. 

Contact us
RMS software

Equipment configuration, production data management and back up (LBS).

(See section on software).

7340R1U3 / 7340RNU3
DCS software

Production data management.

(See section on software).

7340C0U3 / 7340CNU3
Barcode reader

Barcode reader

Scanner. Cable for connection to the indicator included.

Barcode reader

Barcode reader

  • Wireless.

Scanner. Cable for connection between the scanner wireless base and the indicator included.