Do you want to know more about Multimanagement weight indicators VD-3000 Series?

  • Graphic LCD display
  • Connectable to platforms max. 4 load cells
  • 8000 plus memory
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi optional

Dibal VD-3000 are high-performance multimanagement weight indicators. They can be integrated with the company’s production software for advanced weighing based control tasks.

Multimanagement weight indicators Dibal VD-3000 Series

Data in mm

A 342
B 375
C 124

Outstanding functions

  • Product input/Output:
    • Product identification (PLU).
    • Quantity (weight/units).
    • Batch.
    • Tare.
    • Traceability.
  • Product families: up to 100 PLUs of the same product but with different weights.
  • Piece counting.
  • Programming of up to 100 orders from 1,000 clients and/or suppliers.
  • Inventory (input/Output).
  • Checkweighing (discriminating).
  • Signals sending to external equipment (end of task, error...), thanks to 24V relay output.


  • Connection to platform/s with up to a maximum of 4 load cells in total.
  • Connection to 2nd platform via a Dibal DMI-610 or DMI-620 indicator.
  • Optional: connection up to 4 platforms.
  • Up to 6,000 divisions. Monorange or multirange.


  • Structure:
    • AISI 340 stainless steel.
    • IP54 protection equivalent.
  • Keypad and display:
    • “Qwerty” keypad and backlit graphic LCD display.
  • Adjustable angle mount for table or wall included.

Communication to PC

  • Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • RS-232. 

PC software

  • RMS: For equipment configuration, production data management and back up (LBS).
  • DCS: For production data management.
  • integration tools: See section on software.

Power supply

  • 230 V and 50 Hz; 115 V and 60 Hz.

Possible integration with other equipment

  • Dibal LP-3000 manual weigh-price labeller.
  • Dibal DMI-600 Series weight indicators.
  • Serie protocol printers.

Other possible connections

  • Connectable to control devices, by using the “Control input/Output (i/O)” option.


Ref.: 7V3B1AI1_ _
  • Advanced static weight indicator, connectable to weighing platform/s, up to a maximum of 4 cells.
Option Characteristics Ref.
Connection to 2nd weighing platform Contact us
Connection to 3rd weighing platform Contact us
Connection to 4th weighing platform Contact us
Control input/Output (i/O)

For connection to external devices. 

Contact us

Wireless communications. 

Contact us
DIS software

Equipment configuration and production data management.

(See section on software).

Contact us
RMS software

Equipment configuration, production data management and back up (LBS).

(See section on software).

7340R1U3 / 7340RNU3
DCS software

Production data management.

(See section on software).

7340C0U3 / 7340CNU3
Barcode reader

Barcode reader

Scanner. Cable for connection to the indicator included.

Barcode reader

Barcode reader

  • Wireless.

Scanner. Cable for connection between the scanner wireless base and the indicator included.

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