Solutions for the canning industry

The canning industry is constantly evolving to adapt to the trends in consumer habits.

Dibal´s commitment to the canning industry and our knowledge of this sector has led us to constantly develop weighing and labelling solutions to fulfil the requirements of such a changing sector.

Therefore, our manual or automatic weighing and labelling, weight control and weight graders, dosage and piece counting systems, as well as our product inspection and metal detection equipment are working at full capacity in many companies in the canning sector.

Dibal´s solutions, which can be perfectly integrated into the IT applications and ERP systems of our clients, contribute towards the automation and optimisation of production processes, reducing times and costs and increasing and unifying the quality and appearance of the final product. Our equipment also complies with the strictest standards of quality, safety and hygiene for the canning industry.

At Dibal, we have professionals who work closely with our clients to design, develop and produce customised solutions in accordance with their specific needs. Consult us!

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