Who we are

Experts in weighing and labelling solutions for retail and industrial sectors since 1985


Dibal, S.A.´s origins lie in 1985, when we began manufacturing retail scales as an integral part of the Novatronic Group, which was acknowledged for its activities in the field of electronic engineering and communications.

The conjunction of Novatronic and Dibal’s know-how led to the launch in 1986 of the electronic scale fitted with a system for communication with a PC which was ground-breaking in Spain. Three years later, we developed the scale with two printers (for receipts and labels), a solution which is highly valued by our customers in the retail sector due to the savings implied in costs.

With an aim to meeting the continuous requirements of our clients, we broadened our field of action, to develop industrial weighing equipment and automatic weighing and labelling systems in 1992.

In subsequent years, we continued to work to tailor our offer to the market’s changing needs: scales adapted to the change in currency (€), PC scales, industrial equipment with dynamic weighing, etc.

In 2013, we once again revolutionised the market of retail scales with the launch of the only electronic scale with touch screen in the world (the D-900); and in 2019 we launched the All_Connected system, which connects the hardware part of the point of sale (scales, screens, ticket dispensers...) to offer the consumer a better shopping experience and provide valuable data in order to optimise selling operations.


Now, we are moving one step further into the future with our latest revolutionary development: PC scales with integrated computer vision. This innovative technology allows the scales to automatically identify products being placed on the plate, reducing shrinkage in supermarkets and improving the customer experience in shop.

In the world of industry, the latest developments have focused mainly on enhancing the performance and accuracy of the equipment, and making it easier to use by making it more intuitive (touch screen, a more visual design, information management by means of graphics and statistics, etc.). All these efforts resulted in the launch in 2021 of the LP-5000 manual labeller, and in 2024 we introduce the 5000 Range of automatic weighing and labelling sytems, checkweighers and weight graders.

Today, with about 200 employees, we work in Dibal to provide better solutions based on weighing and labelling in the trade and industry sectors. Our brand is leader in Spain in the market of retail scales, and one of the international references; in industry, more and more companies are relying on our good work and experience.

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