1. Equipment installation and configuration

Our technical team has wide and proven experience in the installation, configuration and set up of equipment at our clients’ premises.

The efficiency of our technicians is maximum. Prior to the visit they carry out an in-depth analysis of the work to be done in order to anticipate any situation that could affect the set up. Our ultimate aim is to complete the installation of the Dibal equipment with the client’s entire satisfaction.

2. Equipment and PC software training courses

Our training team is specialist in the industrial equipment, in the software applications we develop, as well as in the processing of the information they generate. These instructors are in direct contact with clients, thus, they are familiar with their working conditions and their programming.

At Dibal, we design specific training plans for each client according to their needs and requirements.

3. Tailored product developments for clients' specific needs (Firmware)

As we design, manufacture and market the equipment, we have the knowledge and the required technical capacity to modify and adapt them in order to offer an optimum solution to our clients.

4. Specific PC software developments

The knowledge and experience acquired over the years qualify us to develop tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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