Do you want to know more about DWS Software for 500 Range scales?

Dibal DWS software application allows the remote access (protected by passwords) to Dibal 500 Range retail scales from web browsers.

Main characteristics

  • Access to scales from web browsers or local net (by means of its IP).
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Security: Access to different levels via passwords.

Functions (depending on the product)

  • Technical DWS (configuration):
    • Remote access to scales. 
    • Check and modification of technical parameters.
  • Full DWS (configuration + management):
    • Technical DWS
      + Check and modification of articles’ data (for example: registration, cancellation and modification of prices, registration and cancellation of vendors, changes on advertising texts showed on the scale’s buyer display).
      + Access to sales reports (by vendor, preset key, code or time frames).

Technical DWS 

Ref.: 7340W101
  • Mode: With license. Access from web browsers.

Full DWS

Ref.: 7340WN01
  • Mode: With license. Access from web browsers.