Do you want to know more about DWS Software for D-900 Series scales?

Dibal DWS software application allows the remote access (protected by passwords) to Dibal D-900 Series retail scales from web browsers.

Main characteristics

  • Access to scales from web browsers or local net (by means of its IP).
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Security: Access to different levels via passwords

Functions (depending on the product)

  • Technical DWS (configuration): 
    • Remote access to scales. 
    • Check and modification of technical parameters.
  • Full DWS (configuration + management):
    • Technical DWS 
      + Check and modification of articles’ data (for example: registration, cancellation and modification of prices, registration and cancellation of vendors, changes on advertising texts showed on the scale’s buyer display).
      + Access to sales reports (by vendor, preset key, code or time frames).

Technical DWS

Ref.: 7340W101
  • Mode: With license. Access from web browsers.

Full DWS

Ref.: 7340WN01
  • Modo: With license. Access from web browsers.