Do you want to know more about CS Software for CS-1100 Series scales?

Dibal CS software application is an emulator of Dibal CS-1100 W PC scales application. It allows to configure the scale, personalize the user interface and manage sales, stocks, delivery notes and billing.


  • User’s interface customization.
  • Selection of customizable screen templates for all kind of  businesses. 
  • Generating of articles database (fruits, vegetables, fishes,  shellfish, meats, butcher...) with pictures.  
  • Management of: 
    • traceability.
    • ingredients.
    • sales.
    • stocks.
    • inventory regularization.
    • delivery notes and invoicing.
    • cash drawer: money income and withdrawals.
    • advertising on buyer’s display: commercials, pictures, presentations and videos.
  • Easy to use. Selling operations are simple and intuitive: searching  and selection of articles, checking and reopening of receipts,  changing of prices...
  • Organization of articles in easy access sections.  Use of data processed by the scales with total and detailed selling  lists and graphics (by article, customer, vendor, term...).
  • Application of price lists associated to each store or client.
  • Cross-selling: showing the picture of a complementary product on  buyer’s display when selling a product.
  • Working mode: receipt, label, register voucher, pre-packed,  automatic and self-service weighing.

Operating system

  • Windows.


Ref.: 7340SW1100
  • Characteristics: Communication with a PC scale. 
  • Mode: CD-ROM.