Do you want to know more about Counter scales G-400 model?

Dibal G-400 easy price computing scales without printer can be connected to PC, to send and receive data and updating, or POS/cash drawer. Speed up your business sales with this scale.

Counter scales Dibal G-400  model

Data in mm

A 320
B 400
C 356
D 116

Plate dimensions: L305 x W235 mm.

Weight with packaging: 6.0 kg.

Main characteristics

  • Price computing electronic scale without printer. 
  • USB and RS-232 interface: firmware and communication protocols upgradeable from PC.
  • Power via USB: up to 80 hours of autonomy in energy saving mode with external battery of 5,600 mAh (approximate data).
  • Valid for legal metrology.


  • EAN heading programming (according to communication protocol).
  • Tare, fix tare and manual zero.
  • Fix price: to operate several times with the same article.
  • Display of price in a secondary currency.
  • Energy saving via programmable on and off back lighting switching and automatic disconnection.

Capacity / Accuracy

  • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 6 kg / 2 g - 15 kg / 5 g.
  • Optional:
    • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g - 30 kg / 10 g.

Available formats

  • Flat and pole in the same scale: the tower is included in the packaging and is easily installable.


  • Structure: 
    • ABS plastic casing. 
  • Displays:
    • 5 digits backlit white high-contrast LCD segment display in vendor and buyer side.
    • Show weight, price/kg and total.
  • Keypad with 32-keys.
  • Plate:
    • Type: Flat. 
    • Material: Stainless steel.

Communication to PC / POS / ECR

  • USB and RS-232 interface.
  • Communication protocols available for the main POS and ECR in the market.
  • Multi-protocol: Communication protocol is selected in the scale (40 protocols available).
    More protocols can be added from PC by telecharge (maximum: 60 protocols more).
  • "OPOS" driver .

Power supply

  • USB: 5 V / 260 mA with AC /DC adapter or through the connected POS.

Energy consumption

  • 1.5 W (approx.).

G-425 F/P

Ref.: 7G401A0LNE_ _
  • Displays: LCD segment.
  • PLUs: 100.
  • Direct PLUs: 9x2.
  • Communication protocols: Up to 100.
  • Power through a USB: Mains/Others.
  • Capacity / Accuracy: 6 kg / 2 g - 15 kg / 5 g.
Option Characteristics Ref.
Capacity 15 kg / 5 g - 30 kg / 10 g

Multi-range (3,000 divisions). 

…F_ _ (*)
Metrological verification (M)

According to EU weighing directives.

(See section on equipment metrological verification).

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The scale references with this capacity are obtained by replacing the last characters of the reference for the standard scale with the indicated ending.

Italian plate

Italian plate

L357 x W235 x H55 mm.

The Italian plate is placed on the flat plate. A new weight adjustment might be neccessary. Consult.

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