Metrological Verification

Equipment Metrological Verification

as to EU weighing directives

Automatic equipment

If an automatic weighing instrument is to be used to carry out commercial transactions or any of the other areas of operation described in Article 3, Paragraph 1 of EU Directive 2014/32 “commercialisation of measuring instruments” also known as MID, metrological verification is required.

  • In the case of automatic equipment, as Dibal is unaware of the area of application of each specific device, the client must expressly indicate if metrological verification is required when placing the order.
  • The metrological verification of these devices is optional.

EU Directive 2014/32 CHAPTER I - Article 3 - paragraph 1:

  1. Member States may prescribe the use of measuring instruments for measuring tasks, where they consider it justified for reasons of public interest, public health, public safety, public order, protection of the enviroment, protection of consumers, levying of taxes and duties and fair trading, where they consider it justified.

This may apply to the following Dibal automatic equipment:

  • Automatic weight-price labellers.
  • Automatic checkweighers.
  • Automatic weight graders.

Note: Consult available models.