Dibal application to control sausage curing in drying rooms

DIBAL, specialized in developing customized solutions based on weigh-price labellers for the food industry, has successfully installed a new application to control sausage curing in drying rooms.

This solution provides a greater control of weight loss and improves the quality and final appearance of the product, with a low investment.

The facilities are equipped with several weighing hooks located in different points of the drying room. A software application receives and centralizes information submitted by each hook. The worker will see, in real time, the evolution of each sample, by simple graphics and statistical reports on the screen.

Here are the main advantages of this new DIBAL application:

  • Optimization of curing point of the pieces:
    Controlling the flow of air in the drying room, the area with the highest and the lowest rate of air are identified.
  • Accurate control of product shrinkage:
    The exact weight of each sample will be known in real time, centralized and remote (if needed).
  • Flexibility in installation:
    Weighing hooks can be placed anywhere in the drying room and changed as needed.
  • Simplicity and money saving:
    One equipment can control the shrinkage off different formats (single samples or bars with several samples).

Customized solutions

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