Do you want to know more about Pipeline metal detectors MDS-5700 Series?

  • Multi frequency
  • 5.7 colour touch screen
  • RS-232
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi optional
  • USB
  • 1000 plus memory

Dibal MDS-5700 metal detector for food industry is designed for inspection and metal detection in sausages and other products transported by pipeline (liquids, sauces, etc.). A high sensitivity is one of the outstanding features of this multi-frequency metal detection system.

Pipeline metal detectors Dibal MDS-5700 Series

Data in mm

A 700-1,055 (adjustable height)
B 550
C 1,250-1,605
D 555
E 590

Outstanding functions

  • Multi-frequency.
  • “Auto-setup” with interference suppression and automatic calibration of sensitivity.
  • Digital multi-filter: To guarantee maximum stability in harsh environments.
  • Auto-balance: Automatic detection and compensation of signal changes (example: variations in temperature).
  • Precise detection area: Exact location of the metal particle in the detection field for easy separation.
  • Auto-monitoring: To control the proper working of the equipment.
  • Automatic cancellation of product effect, with capacity to measure the product parameters in real time.
  • Dynamic self-monitoring (monitoring changes in product characteristics). it guarantees maximum sensitivity in each operation.
  • Safety: access protected by three password levels.


  • Structure:
    • Stainless steel tunnel.
    • Stainless steel frame.
    • IP69K protection.
    • 4 wheels with brakes included.
    • Visual and audible alarm included.
  • Console:
    • 5.7” colour touch screen (protector included).

Communications to PC

  • RS-232.
  • Ethernet.
  • Wi-Fi optional.
  • USB port: To export reports of detections and changes on configuration, as well as for back up.

Power supply

  • 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Possible integration with other equipment

  • Handtmann vacuum filler (connection flanges included).
  • Vemag vacuum filler.
  • Handtmann twisting device.
  • Others filling equipment, contact us.

MDS-5700 / 60

  • Model without connection to devices.
  • 60 mm nominal diameter.

MDS-5700R / 60

  • Model with transmission to twisting device.
  • 60 mm nominal diameter.

MDS-5700V / 60

  • Model with reject valve.
  • 60 mm nominal diameter.

MDS-5700 / 100

  • Model without connection to devices.
  • 60 mm nominal diameter.

MDS-5700V / 100

  • Model with reject valve.
  • 100 mm nominal diameter.
Option Characteristics Ref.
Vemag and Handtmann connection cable Contact us
Vemag and Handtmann stuffer adaptor Contact us
Set up of equipment Contact us
Operation from right to left

Standard operation: from left to right. 

Contact us
Collection bucket

Collection bucket

Certified test rod kit

Certified test rod kit

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