Do you want to know more about Software CS 4.0 for VT-1200 PC Based Weight Indicators?

The SW-CS is an effective tool, which communicates with VT-1200 PC indicators, for the complete management of your business; it is also an emulator of the application of VT-1200, usually used for the design and customization of the labeler screens from a PC.


  • Communication with the equipment.
  • Indicator application designer.
  • User’s interface customization.
  • Selection of customizable screen templates for all kind of businesses.
  • Generating of articles database (fruits, vegetables, fishes, shellfish, meats, butcher...) with product pictures.
  • Management of:
    • traceability.
    • ingredients.
    • sales.
    • stocks.
    • inventory regularization.
  • Easy to use. Selling operations are simple and intuitive: searching and selection of articles, checking and reopening of receipts, changing of prices...
  • Organization of articles in easy access sections.
  • Use of data processed by the labellers with total and detailed selling lists and graphics (by article, supplier, operator, term, etc.).
  • Application of price lists associated to each client.

Operating system

  • Windows.

Compatible equipment

  • VT-1200 Series PC weight indicator.

CS 4.0

Reference: 73600091
  • Touch-screen application for configuration, commercial management and design of labels and tickets (DLD).
  • Includes:
    • Enhancements for labeller configuration from operative.
    • New configurable vendor templates.
    • Listings from operative.
    • Automatic security copy (backup).
    • Transfer files.
    • Team viewer.
    • VAT in direct price.

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