Do you want to know more about Software for Productivity Control in VT-600 PC Based Weight Indicators?

In companies where manual packaging is part of the process, which is very common in the fruit and vegetable and canning sectors, it is of vital importance to ensure that each package contains the established amount of product within the defined limits, both to avoid offering a product that does not reach the target weight, and to avoid exceeding the target weight and incurring losses.
In response to this need, Dibal has developed our Productivity Control solution.


  • Worker’s identification.
  • Lot and batch identification.
  • Article identification.
  • Weighing of the article and registration of its information.
  • Specific operation for filling and product’s control of variable weight.

Operating system

  • Linux.

Compatible equipment

  • VT-600 Series PC weight indicator.


Reference: Consult
  • Communication with VT-600 PC weight indicators.

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