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Cely VC-80 weight indicator with a stainless steel framework is suitable for checkweighing, and it is connectable to a weighing platform up to 4 load cell.

Weight indicator Cely VC-80 I model

Data in mm

A 266.6
B 172.6
C 72

Weight with packaging: 2.0 kg.

Outstanding functions

  • Weight-Tare-Accumulation.
  • Checkweighing (minimum-maximum) with alarm.


  • Connection to weighing platform of up to 4 load cells.
  • Up to 6,000 divisions. Mono-range.


  • Structure:
    • Stainless steel.
  • Keypad and display:
    • Display with 7-keys and backlit LCD display of 5 digits (52 mm).

Power supply

  • AC (12 V / 500 mA) adapter.
  • Internal rechargeable 6 V / 4 Ah battery:
    • Up to 50 hours’ runtime (depending on conditions of use).

Energy consumption

  • 1.8 W (approx.) with backlight activated.

VC-80 I

Ref.: 71AVC81I00UE
Option Characteristics Ref.
Metrological verificación (M)

According to EU weighing directives for the indicator + platform assemblies.

(See section on equipment metrological verification).

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