Do you want to know more about PC Weight Indicators VT-1200?

Dibal VT-1200 weight indicators are a new generation of industrial weighing terminals with PC architecture, created to work in the most demanding environments (IP65).

Data in mm

A 480
B 371
C 298
D 388
E 125

Weight with packaging: 15-16 kg.

Main characteristics

  • High-performance indicator with PC architecture, that can be fitted with the Dibal SW-CS weighing application.

Outstanding functions

  • Available functions with CS 4.0 software pre-installed:
    • Database of: products, operators, customers, receipt and label formats...
    • Possibility of information fields with very broad descriptions (texts, ingredients, allergens...).
    • Barcodes: EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128 and Code 128 for external printers.
    • Integral management of generic traceability.
    • Stock management.
    • Up to 3 levels of totals with different label formats and barcodes.
    • Printing of receipts and labels with variable weight.
    • Delivery notes & invoicing.
    • Sales reports and graphics.
    • Customised operation screens.
    • Design of delivery note, invoice, receipt and label formats.
    • Indicators network management.
    • Automatic local and remote integration of files generated by external applications.
    • Automatic export of files for sales and product data management by external applications.
    • Remote and direct integration (TCP/iP) of ERP systems with equipment weighing.
  • Also available with open solution with Scale Connector software for the collection of weighing data, and transmission from them to the client’s own management system.


  • Processor: Intel Celeron or Intel i3.
  • Memory: 4 GB, DDR3.
  • Hard disk: 128 GB mSATA SSD.
  • Optional: Wi-Fi.

* Subject to changes without prior notice, subject to improvements.


  • Connection to 1 weighing platform up to 16 load cells.
  • Optional: Connection to 2nd weighing platform through DMI and up to 16 load cells (does not support Metrological Verification).
  • Up to 6,000 divisions. Mono-range, multi-range and multi-interval.


  • Structure: AISI 304 stainless steel housing.
  • Screen: 15” TFT resistive touch screen.
  • Adjustable angle mount for table or wall included.
  • IP65 protection.

Connections on panel

  • USB. 

Internal connections*

  • Model with Intel Celeron:
    • 1 COM.
    • 3 USB (3.0).
    • 1 Ethernet.
    • 1 audio.
    • 3 RS-232 (optional with patch cord).
    • 1 Display Port.
  • Model with Intel i3:
    • 1 USB (2.0).
    • 2 USB (3.0).
    • 2 Ethernet.
    • 1 HDMI.
    • 1 VGA.
    • 4 RS-232 (optional with patch cord).

* Subject to changes without prior notice, subject to improvements.


  • CS 4.0 for Windows (optional): For indicator configuration and data management.
    Weight data received from the platform can be displayed and sent to external printers and ERP systems.
    It includes new features in prepackaged and labeling mode.
  • Multiple tools available for ERP integration.

Power supply

  • 230/110 V direct.

Energy consumption

  • 40 W (máx).

Possible integration with other equipment

  • Dibal automatic weigh-price labellers.
  • Dibal manual weigh-price labellers.
  • Dibal weight indicators.
  • Dibal industrial PCs.

Other possible peripherals

  • Barcode reader scanner (only needs wiring for communications).
  • External monitor.
  • 1 audio (I/O).
  • Others: keypad, mouse, printers, etc.


Reference: 7IAZAWG0I1_ _
  • Intel Celeron.
  • Connection to 1 weighing platform up to 16 load cells.
  • Windows 10 embedded (for other Windows versions, contact us).
  • Dibal software.

VT-1200 i3

Reference: 7RAZAWG0I1_ _
  • Intel i3.
  • Connection to 1 weighing platform up to 16 load cells.
  • Windows 10 embedded (for other Windows versions, contact us).
  • Dibal software.
Option Characteristics Reference
Connection to 2nd platform

Through DMI and up to 16 load cells. Does not admit Metrological Verification (M).


Wireless communications. 

Patch cord

30 cm internal cable for RS-232 on model with Intel i3.

CS 4.0 PC software for Windows

Application for configuring, commercial management and labels and receipts design (DLD).

Metrological verification (M)

According to EU weighing directives for indicator + platform assemblies.



Stand for the indicator.

PC keypad mount

PC keypad mount

Tray for computer keypad.

Barcode USB scanner

Barcode USB scanner

Includes labeller USB connection cable.

Barcode RS-232 scanner

Barcode RS-232 scanner

Includes labeller RS-232 connection cable.

Barcode wireless reader

Barcode wireless reader

Serial port cable not included.

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